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    Our infamous “bootie blaster” band is specifically designed to stretch and fit comfortably around the ankles, knees, legs, and wrists. This band is guaranteed to leave you sore in all the right places.

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    This light weight resistance band with our snap proof sleeve system leaves you protected at all times. We designed this band for functional movements that help you strengthen, tone, and shape your body.

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    Our durable deep tissue foarm roller is designed to help you recover after your workouts. Some other amazing benefits of foam rolling are: increased blood flow, helps relieve muscle tension, increases range of motion, increases recovery time, and aids in injury prevention!

  • Try our free 15-minute workout!

    We bet you have never been LIT like this before! This 15- minute workout will give you an idea of what to expect from each and every workout!


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      “As a practicing physician specializing in injuries to the ankle and foot , I see quite a bit of injuries that could be avoided only if the patient was “in shape”. I’m not talking about big muscles or tiny waist I’m talking about a strong core!
      Once being an over weight person myself it kept me from being able to move around my patients especially my nursing home patients to keep them comfortable. Since losing the weight with proper dieting at the age approaching 50 the lit kit has keeps my core firm and strong preventing back injuries that I had In the past.
      Once seeing the the effect it had and treating approximately 10-15 ankle
      Sprains a week I have now incorporated LIT KIT as the rehab to determine if stability is still an issue after a sprain.
      Usual work up is brace, X-rays MRI and then insoles followed by either physical therapy and now I use the lit kit instead of physical therapy especially when the patient doesn’t have time or can’t afford the co pays per visit.
      Also after any stabilization procedure I then prescribe the LIT KIT approx 3-weeks after to begin early rehab and so far the benefits are excellent and patients are very happy and very few need physical therapy after using the LIT KIT after their procedure.”

      Age 50
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      “As a chiropractor, I see too many injuries attributed to heavy lifting with poor form and bad instruction.
      My patients and their well-being means everything to me. Too often, we correct them in office only to see them a week later after having dropped back to ground zero due to wrecking their bodies in the latest trend gym.

      LIT Method raises the bar above the trends, and and establishes itself as the premier workout in Los Angeles. The instruction is thorough, and the workout (as it’s name says) is low impact. But Jesus Christ is it high intensity. You will burn more calories than you could have ever imagined, and your metabolism will continue to burn throughout the day.
      Be encouraged by that. You can go at your pace, but will be pushed just past your comfort zone to get the results you need. “

      Age 36
    • client1

      “The low impact, high intensity nature of getting LIT is something I have been in search of for years. I have broken my femur, tibia, heel twice, torn groin, MCL and Meniscus all on my right leg…as you can imagine impact based fitness is tough for my body to both endure and recover from. You want a fresh, fun and personally game changing workout? Go to LIT Method and Get LIT!”

      Zack Gilbard
    • client1

      “Excellent butt kicking work out! The combination of functional movements with the strengthening band exercises are an amazing low impact way to burn calories, become stronger and improve cardiovascular health. Being a doctor, I plan on referring my patients LIT Method.”



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    This all-inclusive box was created by the founders of the LIT Method that provides you with the equipment and on-demand video programming to complete a High intensity, Low impact workout from the comfort of your home. This progressive program is endorsed by doctors and designed to strengthen muscle imbalances, prevent injuries, and torch calories!

    Additional information

    Weight 3 lbs
    Dimensions 10 × 12 × 5 in

    1 month subscription + LIT KIT, 3 month subscription + LIT KIT, 6 month subscription + LIT KIT, 1 year subscription + LIT KIT


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